Easton Davy on Sonny Rollins

xSonny Rollins - “I am a work in progress”

Easton Davy on Sonny Rollins

“Unfortunately, I have never met Sonny Rollins. I have seen him play several times, always reminded his long journey. He played with so many legends. Now Sonny Rollins is a legend himself. Even now, he still kept his direction. I like Sonny’s style, his smooth jazz look. He emphasizes cool jazz, with his trimmed beard and retro black sunglasses. I painted Sonny this way because I wanted him to look jazz cool. ”    

Anyone who has seen Sonny Rollins live knows that his concerts were spontaneous. He never fixed his set in advance. “I'm a work progress. I have built up so many song materials that I can always fall back on it. I always let it depend on the moment and the scene between band and audience,” he told our own editor, Angelique, in an interview.

Sonny Rollins is an American jazz tenor saxophonist, widely recognized as one of the most important and influential jazz musicians. He was born on September 7, 1930, in New York City. Rollins' unique playing style, characterized by his powerful sound, inventive improvisation, and melodic creativity, has earned him a prominent place in the history of jazz music. 

Rollins began his musical career in the 1940s and gained early experience playing with notable musicians such as Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and Max Roach. He went on to lead his own bands and record numerous albums as a bandleader. Some of his most acclaimed recordings include albums like "Saxophone Colossus," "Way Out West," and "A Night at the Village Vanguard"

Rollins' career spans several decades, and he has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to jazz music. He is known for his extended improvisations, rhythmic sophistication, and ability to explore different musical styles within the jazz genre. Rollins' influence on other musicians and his lasting impact on the jazz world make him a legendary figure in the history of the genre.